Insula VI.I Pompeii - its glass and small finds



It is a great pleasure to acknowledge the courtesy of the Soprintendenza archeologica di Pompei and its predecessors for allowing me to work with the material from Insula VI.1; and to thank the many people in the Soprintendenza who, over the years, have given me access to the stores and the library.


My debt to my fellow specialists on the VI.1 post-excavation project is major. Many thanks to Michael Anderson (stratigraphy), the late John Dore (pottery), Gary Foster (pottery), David Griffiths (pottery), Richard Hobbs (coins), Jaye McKenzie-Clark (pottery), Charlene Murphy (ecofacts), Jane Richardson (animal bone), Robyn Veal (charcoal) and Claire Weiss (stratigraphy).


I am more grateful than I can adequately express to my finds team Kelly Leddington (2006-8), Katie Huntley (2007-10), Emma Hollaway (2008-10) and Elizabeth McCarthy (2010) for putting up with life on the camp site with attendant noise and insect bites, and cheerfully weighing, measuring and drawing large amounts of material. Without their work neither the report or this website would exist. Many thanks also to the Society of Antiquaries of London, the British Academy, Nottingham Trent University (RAE Funding) and the Roman Society for grants that allowed us to maintain pottery and small finds teams in the field to record the material.


Thanks as ever to Mike Baxter for all his contributions.  I wrote the site so any mistakes are mine alone. If you have questions get in touch here.


Hilary Cool

November 2016

The finds and pottery teams at the end of the last major post-excavation field season in 2010 - thanks chaps.

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Contents copyright H.E.M. Cool and M.J. Baxter 2016